Will You Try McDonald's New Deep-Fried Olives? (Photos)

Sure, we know that different countries have different tastes when it comes to food. McDonald's knows that better than anyone, since they're always making local menu changes. Some of this year's new offerings will either throw you for a loop, or make you olive-green with envy.

First, we have fried olives on the Italian menu, also called Olive all'Ascolana. According to Brand Eating, this is a pretty common food in Italy, so why not? The olives are stuffed with meat then deep-fried and served as a side dish. Personally, I'll pass on trying that, but I imagine people who love olives would be pretty eager to order it.

The Nutella burger is our next find. According to CNBC, the brand new Nutella burger offered by McDonald's in Italy consists of two sweet rolls with a Nutella spread in the middle. More of a Nutella sandwich, if you will. It's called "Sweet with Nutella," and if I was going to try any new McDonald's dish, it would be that one.

The next menu offer is the Trio of Vegetables, tempura style, which probably means they should be served in Japan. This side features fried pieces of zucchini, eggplant and peppers.

There are a couple more sweet treats available as well: the Zuppa Inglese McFlurry (doesn't that mean English soup?), which has pieces of cake and custard mixed into the ice cream, and the Panettone Tiramisu -- Tiramisu topped with candied fruit, raisins and almonds.

Now that you're getting slightly jealous already, I'll drop one more little menu addition on you: local beer is also on the menu. Imagine a Nutella burger and a nice microbrew. You might think that those two things don't go together, except that I believe Nutella goes with everything.

All of this is great and all, but it begs the question, when will be seeing crazy and creative new menu changes in the U.S.? I'm always grateful for the Big Mac, but how about a Nutella milkshake or something? We could also use some new McFlurry flavors. Just throwing that out there.