Will You Try Quaker's New Savory Oatmeal?

Have you ever tried eating your oatmeal as a savory dish? Did it ever occur to you that oatmeal could be good for dinner? Quaker wants to make sure you know that those versatile oats don't only have to be eaten as a sweet breakfast.

The Bring Your Best Bowl contest has come to an end, and after much deliberation, Quaker decided to bring the idea of Apple Cheddar Rosemary Oatmeal to life. There were some great ideas thrown out there too, over 500,000 of them, according to Quaker. The winner is Karen D. of Boston. Her savory oatmeal idea comes with a backstory, and it's rather interesting.

Karen was cooking for her fiance who was recovering from surgery and limited to a soft-food diet, and in order to serve more than just regular old oatmeal every night, she wanted to start switching it up. When her fiance expressed that he was missing her rosemary, apple and cheddar flatbread, she decided to make him a savory oatmeal dish using the same flavors. Clearly, it was a success!

Brand Eating reports that Vanilla Chai and Lemon Ricotta Pancake were close runners up, but this new savory flavor might have opened a door to a whole new line of innovative flavors. Already, Quaker is offering up fun recipe suggestions for savory items, such as Canadian Oatmeal, with apples, cheddar and small chunks of ham. Another is cheddar, tomato and egg. There's probably a strong likelihood that this will catch on.

If you're curious about the taste of the new Apple Cheddar Rosemary Oatmeal, Real Simple offered up their views based on a taste-test. They say that the flavors don't mesh as well as they'd hoped, but that some other flavor ideas might do the trick. Their ideas included cheddar and scallion and fried egg and avocado. Yum!

I can definitely jump on board this flavor trend. Also, I love any excuse to add avocado to anything, so that's always a plus. Try the Apple Cheddar Rosemary variety as a base and come up with your own fun creations! The flavor is available nationwide in the U.S. for a limited time, so try and snag a box while you can.