Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)||Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)||Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)||California Roots||Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)||Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)

Will You Try Target's New $5 Wine? (Photos)

If, like me, you are something of a cheap wine connoisseur who knows where to get boxed wine that tastes halfway decent and which $3 bottles to keep an eye out for at the grocery store, you might be interested to know that come September, Target is releasing a line of $5 wines, and they are supposed to be pretty good!

That's right, folks! On September 3, Target is dropping five different bottles of California Roots wine blends, all of which, as the name suggests, come from Golden State vineyards, according to a Target press release.

"We're out to give our guests even more reasons to love Target -- including exclusive products they can't find anywhere else," Jeff Burt, senior vice president of food and beverage, said in the release. "And we think they're going to love California Roots -- these wines are just the right blend of incredible quality and amazing value that guests can only get at Target."

You can grab a red blend, which has "smooth berry and cherry flavors with hints of spice [that] offer the perfect antidote to the workweek," according to the release. Target says this bottle goes well with grilled vegetables and wild mushroom pasta, though it is unclear what grapes are involved here.

If you'd like a different style of red, you can grab the Cabernet Sauvignon, which features "juicy cherry flavors, hints of oak and graceful finish [that] elevate even the simplest pleasures," says the release. Pair with ribeye steak.

In the mood for something white and sweet? Grab the moscato, with "delicate aromas and creamy peach and melon flavors." Down with fresh, sweet berries.

The Pinot Grigio offers lighter fare with "vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors" that evoke summer. Pair with fresh fish and crunchy green salads.

Last but not least, enjoy the "lush tropical fruit flavors and a bright finish" of the chardonnay that "will transport you to a warm, sunny day at the farmers market." This pairs with fresh bread and artisanal cheeses -- the perfect appetizer.

Are you completely lost when it comes to shopping for wine? While these bottles are domestic, Bon Appetit recommends that you focus on the name of the importer when you're shopping. If you taste some wine that is complete fire, take note of the words that follow "Imported By" and keep an eye out for them next time you're at the store.