Winter Is Coming, And So Is "Game Of Thrones" Wine

Yes, yes, yes!

Winter is coming, folks, but luckily so is a new television-themed wine to help you through the anguish of all of your favorite characters meeting unfair, bloody deaths.

That's right, "Game of Thrones" has debuted its very own wine label, so you can drink yourself silly while all of your favorite characters gallivant about on screen.

California's Vintage Wine Estates has, according to EW, teamed up with HBO to present to us all "Seven Kingdoms Wines," which sounds super epic and also just fancy enough that we can all pretend we are royalty as we sip down our winter-sorrows.

The wines will include a "proprietary red blend" for $19.99, a Cabernet Sauvignon for $39.99 and a chardonnay for $19.99.

"Given the prominent role of wine on Game of Thrones and our previous success in the beverage category, an officially licensed wine for the show feels like a natural extension for our fans," Jeff Peters, director of licensing and retail for HBO, told EW. "Game of Thrones wines most definitely will add to the fan experience as the battle for the Iron Throne heats up heading into the final seasons."

Did you know that HBO has actually had its very own licensed beer vendor ever since the second season of the show? Somehow, we think they knew that they were going to need a whole lot of liquid courage and appeasement in order to get through all the blood baths, heartbreak and romance required to make "Game of Thrones" the show that fans know and love.

The only question at this point is, how in the world did it take so long for this to happen?

Luckily, the drink will be available from Spring 2017 on, which means fans can indulge in an on-brand glass of wine (or several) while watching their way through season seven.