4 Peeps Gifs

Witness Creation And Destruction In 14 Peeps Gifs

Spring is here, which means that legions of Peeps are rolling out to stores around the world for your eating pleasure!

They start out as marshmallow globs that get molded into the Peeps form! Who knew?

And then they get topped with the brightly colored sugar coating we all know and love.

A machine then drops eyeballs onto them, which is frankly a little creepy ...

... But, let's be honest, you still want to eat them.

And they work for every holiday, too!

Here they are in their natural habitat, enjoying life.

We adore Peeps in their sugary, stale glory. Look at how sweet they look, nestled together with some jelly beans!

Toss them in the microwave for a beautiful, gooey treat!

Wait ... no! NOOO!!!! Oh, the savagery!



STOP IT! Whyyyyy?!?!? OH GOD WHYYY???

Let's be honest, Peeps even make death and destruction fun. So go pick up a package of these innocent-looking cute treats and then go ahead and destroy them in your favorite way.