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Woman Celebrates Christmas By Crafting With Bacon (Photos)

Glitter and popsicle sticks are fun and all, but nothing embodies the true spirit of Christmas crafting like pigs in a blanket, according to one creative bacon lover.

When London food fan Sian Pearson and cousin Ellie were given the sole responsibility of making pigs in a blanket for Christmas dinner back in 2012, a revolutionary idea was born. To heck with throwing the little bacon-wrapped sausages on a plate and calling it a day, they thought. Something much more innovative was in store.

So they made a centerpiece out of the appetizer, Metro reports.

Above is a shot of the inaugural centerpiece: a pork-heavy nativity scene featuring baby Jesus lying in a Yorkshire pudding manger, three wise men wearing foil crowns, animals and a bacon stable expertly held together with toothpicks.

With the scene proving to be such a hit, why stop there? Pearson has since made a new pigs-in-blankets piece each year, like this one in 2013.

The work of art depicts Santa and reindeer charging their present-stocked sleigh through a shimmery night.

The bacon was extra prominent in 2014, when Pearson made a larger than life bacon tree and bacon family sitting down to a Christmas feast.

Things got more intricate the next year with a look at the North Pole, where bacon elves wore tomato hats and assembled toys under Santa's watchful eye. The scene sat atop a dish of fluffy mashed potatoes for a wintry effect.

While Christmas is her specialty, Pearson's creations aren't limited to wintertime festivities. Her meaty works are so popular that friends have requested she make them for their parties, one of which resulted in this tropical beach party scene.

Each piece takes about four hours to make, including the time it takes to cook the bacon and sausage. She said it's all about the details, which don't come together quickly. 

"They're incredibly fiddly and a structural challenge," she told Metro.

What's in store for 2016's creation? Pearson said that's to be confirmed, but it's sure to be as elaborate as ever.