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Woman Finds Odd, Gooey White Substance On McDonalds Sandwich

A McDonald's customer was shocked and disgusted to find a mysterious white substance on her sandwich.

When Julie La Roche went to a Manhattan, New York, McDonald's after a party on Sept. 3, she ordered a Southern Style Chicken sandwich meal, according to an article she wrote for Business Insider.

She was hungry, exhausted and looking forward to enjoying a familiar favorite of hers, but an unexpected addition ruined her appetite.

"After my experience there I'll never eat at the chain again," she wrote on Business Insider.

She received her food and opened up the bun. What she found disgusted her.

"A white substance" was "on the pickles, the bun, and at the edge of the chicken patty," she wrote.

"I knew there had to be a mistake," she wrote. "I've had this meal before and the sandwich is served plain with a buttered bun."

The sandwich is supposed to look like this:

When La Roche explained to the cashier "without being explicit" that the substance resembled bodily fluid, the woman "laughed and said it was 'tartar sauce.'"

La Roche accepted a replacement sandwich, which she ate after careful inspection.

The next day, an internet search informer her that the mysterious substance was "definitely not" tartar sauce, which has pickle relish in it.

She emailed McDonald's corporate public relations. Soon after, owner Linda Dunham gave a bizarre explanation for the suspicious sauce.

"I don't know whether it's the grease that caused it or something like a little balloon that comes up and sometimes it has a little more white in it, but there's absolutely nothing that we add to that product other than butter," Dunham reportedly told La Roche.

Dunham said that the cashier likely didn't know what their tartar sauce looked like, and that she couldn't imagine that an employee would put bodily fluid in the food. "That is ruining number one, a brand," Dunham said. "That's also a person's job on the line."

However, La Roche was not satisfied with Dunham's explanation and said she will never eat at McDonald's again.

She is not alone. A Band-Aid, needle, nail, dead rat, gum, condom, maggot, and chicken head have all been reportedly found in McDonald's meals, reports Business Pundit.