Woman Loses It After Discovering The Truth About Denny's All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes

A woman assaulted a waitress at a Chicago Denny’s restaurant when she was informed that her $4 all-you-can-eat pancake meal couldn’t be shared with her friends.

The server explained to 27-year-old Natasha West that the unlimited pancake menu item was only for a single diner and not something to be shared by everyone at the table. 

The restaurant’s menu stated that “restrictions may apply” to the all-you-can-eat pancake meal, though it doesn’t explicitly limit each meal to one customer. 

“We start you off with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes and then deliver them hot, two at a time, until you’ve had your fill,” the menu states.

West responded to the server by cursing and throwing several punches at her — though she missed each swing, the Oak Lawn Police Department reported. West and her friends left the restaurant without paying for their meals, but she proceeded to kick a door before leaving, The Smoking Gun reported. 

Denny’s workers gave police a description of the car West left in and she was subsequently apprehended. She was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property. A friend of hers ultimately paid the bill upon her arrest, WGN reported.

Sources: The Smoking GunDenny'sWGN / Photo credit: The Smoking Gun