Woman Sick From Poisoned Starbucks Mocha, But How? (Video)

This woman is considering legal action against Starbucks due to finding cleaning tablets in the bottom of her Venti Mocha! Considering this was a hot drink, I’m sure the tablets were dissolving pretty effectively.

According to KTBC, Kelly Burns and her mother, Karen, began their morning as they always do, and as so many of us do: grabbing some Starbucks to start the day. As she was drinking her mocha, Burns reports that she didn’t taste anything out of the ordinary at the start, but as she got closer to halfway, she started to taste something a little funny, and her stomach was starting to hurt. That’s when she found the tablets.

When she went back to the Starbucks and showed the manager, she was hoping for some reassurance about having accidentally ingested the cleaner. Although the manager was “very apologetic,” she was not able to clearly define the dangers or side effects of the cleaning tablets. She only told her that the tablets are used to clean the espresso machines in the morning upon opening.

“My stomach is a mess, and my tongue is numb, I am thinking the worse-case scenario. It would have been nice to have some reassurance about the chemical in my drink,” Kelly said, KTBC reports.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Starbucks customers have experienced this. Eater reports that in July of 2015 a Utah woman sued after finding cleaner in her drink as well. Then, only a few months later, a Seattle woman filed a similar lawsuit.

Burns and her mother were particularly perturbed because they buy hot chocolate on a regular basis for their 5-year-old granddaughter. “What if it had been her drink? With her weight she wouldn't have been able to fight it off like my daughter could,” said Karen.

Burns says she has not come up with a plan for taking legal action yet, but she is considering her options. Starbucks, upon hearing of the accident, offered to pay her medical bills, but she told them her insurance would likely cover it. All she really wants is for them to make a change.

Watch the full video below.