Woman Unable To Eat Anything But KFC For 3 Years, Gets Cured With 1 Hour Of Hypnotherapy

A woman captured the attention of many around the world after it was revealed she had lived off nothing but KFC for three full years.

Georgie Scotney, 21, has suffered from selective eating disorder since she was a child. She says the illness caused her to be unable to eat anything other than KFC.

While it is common for children to be picky eaters, most will outgrow the disorder by the time they are adults. For those diagnosed with selective eating disorder, the unusual relationship with food persists into adulthood. Eating is often accompanied by severe anxiety for those with the disorder.

"Growing up I'd always been really stubborn with what I'd eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it'd only be chicken from KFC -- I'd go there every day without fail,” Scotney explained. "I was just never fed up with it, I loved to put loads of salt on it too, which I now see wasn't such a good idea -- I do think that it had a lot to do with me being scared of a lot of foods, especially sauce, that was the worst fear of mine.” 

After a one-hour hypnotherapy session, Scotney says she was cured. She is now able to eat a wider variety of foods, including fruit.

The young woman says her boyfriend, Dean Arnold, 25, encouraged her to seek help.

"My boyfriend was the one who put me forward for the session and I was very skeptical, I warned everyone that I was so headstrong and thought that I'd never be able to change,” she said.

Her boyfriend wasn’t the only reason she wanted to change -- the couple is planning to travel the world and believed that her disorder would cause problems in unfamiliar regions.

"When we decided that we'd go traveling I knew that something needed to be done, we're going for four months and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat any of the food -- I would have starved,” she said. "Never in my life had I eaten any fruit or veg and I've even managed to try a roast dinner now. I can't believe that I missed out on so much.”

Selective Eating Disorder is an eating disorder most commonly recognized by the fact that the people suffering from it refuse to eat very specific foods or food types. What sets it apart from other eating disorders is that it is not the result of any sort of fixation on body shape or weight, but rather is due to disinterest or an avoidance of certain foods. It is known to cause excessive and unhealthy weight loss and malnutrition. 

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