Woman's Encounter With McDonald's Employee Goes Viral (Video)

Some people take the term “fast food” too seriously. And when a little-known vlogger had to wait two more minutes for some McDonald's cookies, things got really out of hand. Brandy Wooten, a California woman who posts videos on Youtube and Facebook about her daily trials and tribulations, went viral when she posted her drive-thru interaction with a McDonald's manager.

In the video, posted last month and since climbed to internet infamy on other sites Wooten chastises the weary McDonald's employee for making her wait two more minutes for cookies. “Why I gotta wait two more minutes for fresh cookies?” Wooten rants amid a tirade of curse words and insults directed towards the fast food employees.

The manager, after asking Wooten several times to pull over to the side and promising the cookies are on their way, can't take it any longer and then says she will simply return the money. “Give me my money back!” Wooten responds. “Y'all got some raggedy-ass employees, anyways!” As another employee gathers the money, the McDonald's manager begins recording Wooten, too. This doesn't deter Wooten at all, who says, “I'm Brandy Wooten. Follow me on Facebook. The Brandy Hive, going up. Woot! Woot!”

After the video went viral, the video viral with the title "brandy Wooten cookies apology". people ridiculed Wooten for her behavior. “Did you ever get your cookies the other day lol” commented Facebook user Andre Brown. “You are one ignorant attention seeking person and you need help psychological help.”

And Facebook user Ashley Seeds said, “Honey find a church, you are rude as hell, please do me a favor a come to the south, I bet you've never worked a hard day in your life, all you do is post videos all damn day like do you even have a job?” In response to the overwhelmingly negative reaction, Wooten wrote on Youtube: “This video was deleted off facebook after going viral..

I didnt hurt no one i didnt do nothing wrong.. #CookiEMonster i just kussed they ass out . sorry not sorry if i wanted to bake my own i would have but i love McDonald's cookies i just hate they store can never have shit together for the sake of the cookie lovers.”

Sources: Facebook, Youtube Photo Credit: Youtube/apple happy