World's First Nutella Cafe Is What Dreams Are Made Of (Photo)

World's First Nutella Cafe Is What Dreams Are Made Of (Photo)

Every Nutella lover out there has indulged in a spoonful of the deliciously creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread straight from the jar. But now, Nutella lovers can indulge in their favorite spread by actually walking into the jar. 

On May 31, the world's first ever Nutella cafe is due to open on Chicago's East Side. And the interior is designed to feel like the inside of a jar of Nutella. Nutella lovers everywhere, rejoice!

utella Cafe

"It's the first to truly capture the essence of the Nutella brand -- not just in the dishes that'll be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step through the door and into the space," a Nutella representative told Eater Chicago.

Between creamy white walls and hazelnut-shaped hanging lights, the Nutella experience is fully immersive, according to the Chicago Tribune.

As we all know, a good jar of Nutella never stays closed for long. The two-story cafe will be open from morning to late evening, and will feature a spread of both sweet and savory items, Eater Chicago reports. Think Nutella gelato, Nutella crepes, Nutella French toast, Nutella waffles, and -- for the healthy eaters out there --even Nutella oatmeal and Nutella yogurt! Did I say Nutella enough times?

There's also a full-service espresso bar for those who want to pair their chocolate-hazelnut delights with Italian coffee. Talk about a match made in Nutella heaven.

Not all the menu items feature Nutella, however. For lunch and dinner, you can order an artisanal panini, a seasonal salad or a fresh soup of the day. If you're in the mood for something savory, you can even order a savory crepe like the Bacon and Cheese Strata. The savory items look great, but personally, I'd love to see a Nutella soup added to the menu.

Unlike the small Nutella bar inside Eataly, the Nutella cafe is owned by Ferrero, the Italian company that makes the delicious spread, reports Eater. The cafe will be located near Chicago's Millennium Park. According to Eater, organizers promise "special surprises" for the first 400 people in line on opening day!

For those who've never visited the beautiful city of Chicago, the Nutella cafe is definitely an extra reason to go.