Would You Buy This 1000-Pack Of Beer? (Photos)

Would You Buy This 1000-Pack Of Beer? (Photos)

Many of us are guilty of buying a little more booze all at once than we should reasonably drink in a short timespan. Do single people really need to be buying two 24-packs of beer at once? Does anyone need to buy six different bottles of booze at the grocery store to score that 20 percent off deal? Well, maybe. I'm not here to judge your life.

If you're a beer hoarder, rejoice! You can now buy the ultimate bulk package of beer -- a 1000-pack that blows your usual large purchase right out of the water.

In the event that you enjoy drinking Keisari lager, brewed by Finnish beer company Nokian Panimo, you should start saving up to pick up what might just last you a whole year, according to Grubstreet.

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"Ah yes, the taste of those first thousand beers in the morning," one person commented on Reddit. "Doesn't get any better than that."

"Nothing like going to the beer store in my forklift and buying my weekly thousand beers," said another Redditor, to which one person responded, "I too have fond memories of college."

Are people actually buying these things? According to a photo, at least one person picked up a supersized case of the lager:

"He looks exactly like the kind of guy who would ironically buy 1000 beers, and have someone document him doing it," one Redditor joked.

Others wondered why the monster-sized cases, which are available in Finland for around $2,350, came out to just under $2 a can; considering the how many are in a bundle, one might think they'd be cheaper ...

"In Finland, everything's just expensive," one person said, not-so-scientifically clearing up that issue for all of us.

According to Time, the supermarkets that are selling the "joke" beer cases are going to break them up into smaller packs if they don't manage to sell them soon, so get moving if you want one.

"I love the mental image of one slightly scruffy guy buying the 1000-pack while 200 teenagers are hanging out in front of the store trying to look nonchalant," said the funniest Redditor on the thread.