Would You Drink A Cocktail With Ants In It? (Photos)

If you found a ton of ants in your cocktail, you might run away screaming or dump your drink down the garbage disposal. But some people are paying $16 to down a drink full of insects.

Head over to Singapore's Native bar, order the "Antz" cocktail and grit your teeth. Next thing you know, a yogurt and rum-based drink blended with local ants and topped with basil cubes and hulking, crunchy, black Thai ants atop a frozen leaf will materialize in front of you.

The bartender will probably instruct you to crunch the whole leaf (plus scary toppings!) in one bite before drinking the thick cocktail. You'll wonder how you got into this mess, stare at your libation and get crunching.

You can thank Native founder and head bartender Vijay Mudaliar for the bizarre creation, something that he swears he didn't come up with just to scare people. Mudaliar told Mashable that he crafted the drink as an homage to Brazilian double Michelin-starred chef Alex Atala, who has been known to charge lots of money for curious customers to gnaw on raw Amazonian ants, which have hints of ginger, atop pineapple cubes, according to the Guardian.

If ants are a little scary for you, you can still order a bunch of non-insect drinks at Native. Mudaliar mixes most of the cocktails at his bar with traditional local ingredients to fit the Southeast Asian theme of his bar.

"It makes more sense for the bar to be Southeast Asian themed, because that's what we're familiar with," he told Mashable. "So many bars (in Singapore) are like New York speakeasies, or New Orleans clubs -- why don't we do something we know?"

For the ant concoction, Mudaliar said that he tried around seven different types of ants before settling on sour Singapore weaver ants, which are full of Vitamin C and harmonize nicely with the yogurt and rum. But they don't crunch very well, so he added the Thai ants as a garnish.

"Sometimes, little bits of the ant legs and parts get stuck in people's teeth," Mudaliar said.