Would You Drink This Healthy Shroom Coffee?

If you consider yourself a fun guy, then you probably want to try this new kind of healthy coffee that's taking the internet by storm.

Oh, I'm sorry. We meant if you're a fungi.

Tero Isokauppila, a Finnish entrepreneur and the founder of Four Sigmatic, has come up with Mushroom Coffee, a super-healthy brew that contains loads of extra nutrients and minerals.

"Join The Mushroom Coffee Revolution," implores the Four Sigmatic website.

Essentially, Mushroom Coffee is made by taking dried matsutake mushrooms and boiling them down until they are ready to be liquefied into an extract. While the mushroom extract does indeed retain somewhat of an earthy taste, Isokauppila is of the opinion that that earthy component actually complements the flavors of a bold, well-roasted coffee bean. 

Even if you're hesitant to try it based on taste, the healthful benefits of Mushroom Coffee are pretty dang impressive; the high levels of antioxidants and other compounds found in the coffee are amazing for helping to lower anxiety, enhance focus and your thinking capabilities, and support adrenal glands.

"When we founded Four Sigmatic, our first goal was to find the smallest thing people could add to their current diet to produce the biggest positive impact on their health. For us, the answer was obvious: medicinal mushrooms," reads the company website.

The company doesn't believe that pills, food fads or capsules are the best way to help people consume more superfoods. In fact, Four Sigmatic is of the opinion that as soon as people divest themselves of the negative stigma they might have attached to the act of drinking a mushroom extract, Mushroom Coffee can be appreciated as a tasty treat that will transform our bodies for the better, as well as increase our well-being.

Currently, Four Sigmatic offers four different types of Mushroom Coffee products: the Reishi, for stress and sleep; the Cordyceps, for energy and performance; the Lion's Mane, for the brain and nervous system; and the Chaga, for inflammation and antioxidants.

Are you interested in trying out some Mushroom Coffee?