Would You Drink This Oatmeal Latte?

Starbucks South Korea has taken two of our favorite breakfast items and combined them for a caffeine and oatmeal drink to start the day. I wonder if it's filling like oatmeal?

Brand Eating reports that the drink is available hot or iced, and that it consists of espresso and oat milk and is topped with "crunchy grains and berries." If you don't live in South Korea, but would also like to combine your morning coffee with your oatmeal breakfast, you can always try making something similar on your own.

Popsugar has offered us a way to hack this type of breakfast at our own Starbucks. Now, granted, it's not a drinkable latte, but it is a combination of your coffee and breakfast. So, here's what Popsugar says to do:

Order oatmeal with steamed milk instead of water. Feel free to sub out regular dairy milk for soy or coconut milk, and order two shots of espresso (or one, if you can't handle that much caffeine like me). You can either ask them to pour the espresso on top, or you can just do it yourself. Let the oatmeal cook for a bit and then crumble the toppings on and there you go! A breakfast hybrid to get you through a busy morning. Of course, it's not as convenient as the aforementioned latte, but it will do until that drink makes it over to the states, right?

There's another way to do it yourself, too. Cuppa Joe coffee shop in Colorado created an oatmeal-coffee hybrid by mixing whole milk and rolled oats, then cooking that combination with an espresso machine steamer. Add your espresso when done and then crumble on your crunchy toppings. This one is more sippable than Popsugar's hack, but more eat-with-a-spoon than Starbucks' latte. If you can figure out an even better hack then great! Share it with the rest of us!

Until this oatmeal latte makes its way over here, we'll just have to manage with these DIY recipes. Let's hope we get to try the real thing soon!