Would You Drink This Popular New Vegan Algae Latte?

Move aside, Starbucks; there's a new blue drink taking over the coffee world.

An Australian cafe is out to change everything you thought you knew about coffee with the introduction of a blue vegan algae latte. According to News Corp, the drink costs a cool $8 -- and tastes just as strange as it sounds.

The bizarre new latte has been fittingly named the “smurf latte” and is being sold at Melbourne’s Matcha Mylkbar. It is made from a mixture of algae, coconut, ginger agave and lemon.

While the new latte looks appealing, its taste and smell are apparently a little off-putting. Despite the fact that Matcha Mylkbar’s co-owner Mark Filippelli claims the smurf latte “tastes like a warm lemon, ginger and honey tonic,” others have noted that the drink “has a strong, seaweed-type smell” and is flavored like “sour milk.”

If you’re wondering why anyone would pay $8 to drink an unappealing combination of seaweed and sour milk, the answer might lie in the health benefits of the latte’s unorthodox ingredients. According to Filippelli, algae “is such a powerful antioxidant that one gram of it every day has a huge (health) benefit.”

The smurf latte’s algae content also explains its exorbitant cost. Apparently, “the average daily cost of one gram [of algae] is over $3 so that’s why [Matcha Mylbar is] charging $8.” 

Whether or not the drink appeals to you, there’s no question that the smurf latte is already gaining a dedicated following. Filippelli believes that over 100 customers have already ordered the blue drink, and some customers “have come back and had it every day.”

While we don’t think that we will be booking a flight to Melbourne to try the smurf latte anytime soon, we can definitely appreciate images of the striking drink from afar. Who knows, we might even sip a Starbucks blue drink while doing so!