Would You Eat This Sushi Burger?

Japanese restaurant Sushiro has decided to try something very new and very interesting: the Saba Burger.

Saba means mackerel, so basically it's a mackerel burger, but the mackerel is in sushi form, and the burger includes rice and wasabi, so you’ll feel like you’re eating sushi on a bun. This would be especially fun for the sushi-loving carbo-loaders, right?

According to Kotaku, "it's shime-saba nigirizushi, or cured mackerel hand-pressed sushi, slapped between two buns and slathered with mayo-wasabi sauce.” Sound appetizing? Personally, I think it looks a little too much like a fish (see photo below).

Then again, I’m no sushi fan, so that’s probably a biased opinion. As we know the Japanese love their sushi, and that they are better at making healthier food choices, the sushi burger honestly should have hit sooner.

CNet reports that this burger (can it really be called a burger, or would you consider it more of a sushi sandwich?) is only available for a limited time, so if you’re in Japan and happen to be in Sushiro’s vicinity, I’d recommend at least stopping by to try the new sandwich. Sushi fan or not, at least you can say you gave it a chance.

It’s available throughout November, but if you are dying to try one and you know you won’t make it to Japan any time soon, you can always try making one yourself. Sure, you have to be pretty skilled to make sushi from home, but if you’re a big fan, having that skill can only help you. Then again, you could probably buy the sushi and put it on a bun with your sticky white rice and mayo-wasabi, and voila!

Maybe you can even tweak the recipe some to suit your personal tastes. Personally, I might prefer not to see the skin, or maybe I’d rather just have a sandwich with cooked fish. But, I guess you can’t knock it til you’ve tried it!