Would You Like To Try Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream? (Photo)

Pizza cake? More like pizza ice cream. 

You've probably seen some pretty crazy ice cream flavors out there. 

There's no lack of bizarre ice cream flavors out in the world. Just check out those gourmet, trendy ice cream shops that pride themselves on their originality. I've seen olive oil-flavored ice cream, avocado-flavored ice cream and even whiskey-flavored ice cream. Some of these strange flavors are surprisingly, counterintuitively delicious.

But I never saw this one coming. Pizza-flavored ice cream. 

I guess when you can't make up your mind between dessert and your favorite late-night meal, this is the go-to item. But who would have ever thought that the cheesy, tomato-saucy favorite could be recreated in the form of ice cream?

Apparently, the folks over at Philadelphia's Little Baby's Ice Cream. 

They've gone all-in with their pizza ice cream vision, and created a frozen flavor that features tomato, oregano, basil, salt and even garlic, according to Metro. 

Pizza: A Total Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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And it gets even worse (or better, depending on your tastes) ... Not only is this pizza-flavored scoop served on a cone, but also it's served on a pizza slice. 

So yeah, cake and pie are apparently not the only things you can get served a la mode. This is actually the way the shop recommends you eat it, according to Metro. On an actual pizza slice. 

If you don't believe me, check out the photo below:

Pizza-flavored ice cream on a pizza-flavored pizza slice? It's worse than a cheeseburger with cheeseburger-flavored fries.

And believe it or not, the pizza ice cream is not actually the weirdest flavor that the Philadelphia-based ice cream shop offers. They also sell a cricket-cake ice cream, which has little pieces of actual crickets inside. Crunchy, I guess? 

But back to the pizza ice cream. Is this a miracle of gastronomy or a monstrosity? 

Circa reports that the pizza-flavored ice cream contains “a surprising balance of flavors that tastes better than it sounds.” 

Well, I’ll believe when I taste it.

Would you try this?