Neiman Marcus (Photo)

Would You Pay $250 For This Box From Neiman Marcus? (Photo)

I'm sure you've noticed that Neiman Marcus, for some ineffable reason, is constantly trying to get away with selling mostly basic, albeit occasionally gourmet and impressive, food products and appliances at massively expensive prices.

And I do mean massively.

Do you remember when we reported in August 2016 that the luxury retailer was selling tamales for a cool $110? Or how about the frozen collard greens for $66 (plus $15.50 for shipping) that they offered up just in time for the holidays? 

Now, Neiman Marcus is at it again, and this time it is presenting us all with one of the most pretentious and unnecessary food appliances, like, ever.

Behold the Fortessa Smoking Box.

Er, what?

This looks like it belongs in some kind of secret evil laboratory, or on the set of "Breaking Bad" -- not in my kitchen! But I digress.

The Smoking Box retails at a whopping $250, and basically just allows users to infuse cocktails and foods with a savory smoky flavor, so it's great for any home entertainer, or aspiring bartender, I suppose.

All the same, doesn't this big hunk of stainless steel seem a little excessive?

I don't know. At least the purchase comes with a Smoking Gun and two small jars of smoking chips that you can launch at your guests when they start kvetching at you for serving up a too-smoky and overcomplicated drink (when all they really wanted was a whiskey ginger and perhaps the pleasure of your company).

Can you think of somebody in your life who might really enjoy having this in their home, and for whom this would be a good investment? Or do you think you'll stick with your shot glasses and tumblers, and leave all the fancy schmancy drinks for a night out on the town?