Would You Pay $56 For These Five Fancy Potato Chips?

I'm sorry, what?

We all have that one person in our lives -- that foodie who pays way more money than we'd ever consider to taste all those bizarre and hyped-up foods that we only ever hear of after they go viral, or we see it on TV. And you know what? More power to those foodies; I might not be willing to wait four hours for a rainbow-hued bagel, but I'm glad there are people out there who are -- my Instagram feed is infinitely more delicious-looking for it.

However, sometimes it just goes too far.

Per the Independent, a Swedish microbrewery called St. Erik's has just released what they are deeming the "world's most exclusive potato chips."

Let your mind run wild for a moment, folks: are the chips rainbow? Covered in gold? Made out of edible diamonds?

The answer to all of the above is no: they are, however, prepared by some of the most talented chefs from the Swedish National Culinary team, and feature a variety of exclusive and premium ingredients the Nordics have to offer.

Oh, yeah: and they cost around $56 (£46) for five individuals chips.

Per the Independent, the chips are made from Ammarnas potatoes, Matsutake mushroom, truffle seaweed, dill, leksand onion and India pale ale.

"For the best taste experience," the website suggests, "These chips should be savored with St. Erik's India Pale Ale."

Of course they should, St. Erik's… of course they should.

Unfortunately, the exclusive boxes were part of an extremely limited edition promotion by St. Erik's, and according to the website, they are all sold out. All income that was generated from the sale of the uber-fancy-shmancy chips was donated to charity, however, so perhaps in the end foodies can breathe a sigh of relief that their money went to a good cause.