Would You Pay Over $100k For A Bottle Of Whisky?

The world's most expensive whiskey is actually spelled whisky (no "e"), and costs about $130,000. No big deal.

According to Munchies, it’s from Japan, but what’s so special about it? For starters, there were only 250 bottles made, which means it’s pretty rare. Called Yamazaki Single Malt 50 Year Old Whisky, it has garnered a cult following since its release in the year 2005.

The whisky itself is Japan’s oldest and rarest, according to Master of Malt, and it’s aged in “the very finest” Japanese Mizunara oak. It was reported among the tasters at Master of Malt that the nose is “Spiced and intense, with an almost perfume-like delivery of sandalwood, potpourri and incense. Supple sherry and even the vaguest whisper of smoke. The oak grip is good and very deep.”

The tasters describe the palate as “[i]ncredibly rich -- this is an enveloping malt, filled with aromatic wood, dried herbs and a barrage of exotic spices. A touch of manuka honey sweetness, chestnut mushrooms, allspice and even a hint of blossom.” And the finish: “A very long finish with a predominance of fruit of all kinds, from dried apricot to stewed apples and Madeira wine. A hint of agave nectar sweetness, and a plume of wood smoke.”

Overall, it’s said to have a deep, intense spice with a hint of umami. Of course, that’s necessary to make it worthy among the Japanese.

You can find it in different places for sale online for smaller amounts, sometimes for as low as $10,000 (what a deal). The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong put it up for sale as part of its Poly Auction Prestige Collection of rare spirits. It was this bottle, which, as I mentioned, can be found for sale in some areas in the United States for $10,000, that sold at auction for 13 times this value. Since the bottle includes about 16 shots, that means this whisky is about $8,000 per serving.

Not being the biggest fan of whiskey myself, I could never see spending that much on a bottle, no matter how “intense” the flavor. Among whiskey connoisseurs, though, this could be the perfect indulgence.