Would You Try A 24-Karat Gold Cronut? (Photos)

Goldeluck’s Bakeshop in Australia has cooked up a golden donut-croissant hybrid that they're calling the "dossant" (cronut, dossant … it's apparently all the same), and it features 24-carat gold as an ingredient.

The Bakeshop is known for having lots of fun and crazy donut flavors, according to Australia's Herald Sun. But this gold dossant really takes the cake as far as golden sweets are concerned. In fact, according to the bake shop's website, this is the first golden dossant created in the world, and it's 96 percent pure gold. If you don't think that sounds appetizing, I'm with you; however, the shop claims that it tastes like chocolate fudge, in which case I'm totally in.

The dossant is only made to order, and  not pre-made, so you have to order it for it to be made. Anyone in Australia who's interested in trying it should probably hurry. I don't imagine this gold donut will be available for too long, given that "stock is very limited."

For fun, though, take a look at the crazy new dossant flavor:

Go on Facebook and follow the instructions on that particular picture to be entered to win a box of treats that includes these fun new donuts while you're at it.

They're almost too beautiful to eat! The chocolate fudge flavor is too tempting, though.

Some of the other dossant flavors that have been sold at this shop include Hershey's Cookies and Cream flavor, Nutella (yum!) and honeycomb! The idea, according to the shop's owner Phillip Kuoch, is to feature a new dossant flavor every month. Hopefully, this shop will thrive enough to make its way over to the U.S.! We want to try some of that goodness.