Would You Try A Pickle Cupcake? (Photo)

Would You Try A Pickle Cupcake? (Photo)

If you think bacon desserts are weird, you might want to quit while you're ahead. Things are about to get a whole lot stranger.

Awful things are afoot in the food world. Pickle cupcakes are trending, and rumor has it that they are every bit as bizarre as they sound.

The folks over at Delish whipped up a recipe that is making the rounds on the net, and this is what the finished product looks like:

The bright green cupcake batter includes sour cream and pickle juice, and it doesn't use a ton of sugar. So it ends up tasting fairly tangy and savory -- at least, until you add the cream cheese frosting, which has a bit of whiskey whipped in for good measure, just in case you wanted a sobering reminder of that time you did five pickleback shots in a row.

But it turns out, you might not want the frosting. You might prefer it simple and savory, kind of like cornbread, so said Lauren Miyashiro of Delish in a piece for Best Products.

"[Taste testers] didn't know what to think," Miyashiro explained. "Most didn't exactly dislike like it, but they preferred the cupcake sans frosting.

"Maybe pickle cupcakes were meant to be chasers. Without frosting and after a double shot of whiskey."

Yes, you might be better off keeping things strictly savory and opting instead for spicy pickle juice cornbread. If you so desire, you can get the recipe here.

If, on the other hand, you are pregnant or just have a particular weakness for pickles, you can try out the cupcakes (here's how to make them). Or you can take it in a slightly more conventional direction that optimizes the sweet-salty balance with some pickle-centric snacky desserts like chocolate-covered pickles or candied ones. You can find the recipes for both here.