Would You Try A Spaghetti Pizza?

While most of us are still disagreeing on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, some are making much worse topping choices. For instance, imagine a tin can of spaghetti poured onto your pizza and baked in as a topping. For those of you pineapple haters, this will be a double-whammy, since this particular pizza sports both topping items.

According to Huffington Post, New Zealand's Prime Minister, Bill English, puts tinned spaghetti on pizza. He makes homemade pizzas at home and actually uses a can of spaghetti as a topping … almost like the pasta is his sauce. When he posted his creation to Facebook, he received a lot of mixed reviews (as can be expected). Some followers supported the bizarre decision, while others threatened to vote against him because of how appalled they were.

What we do know, is that The Guardian tested out the pizza, so as to be a fair judge of its validity. The pizza was made by starting with what looks like a hand-tossed thin (ish) crust, and putting a basic layer of tomato sauce on it. Pineapple comes next, then ham … then a tin can of spaghetti. The cheese comes next, followed by a few minutes in the pizza oven.

Once the pizza was made this way (feel free to try it on your own as well), The Guardian's reporter sat down to try it, and seemed to be pleasantly surprised. She called it The PM's Pizza. According to her, the pizza tastes like a toasted cheese sandwich, which honestly doesn't sound half bad.

The Guardian did note, however, that the pizza was too soggy after they'd forgotten to drain the sauce (as the Prime Minister had done). It was reported that the pizza was good. "Really good. Good in the way straightforward crowdpleasers often are. Unpretentious, with immediate, uncomplicated [flavors] and a surprising 'yum' factor."

There you have it, straight from someone who has tried it herself. What do you think, would you try it?