Would You Try A Unicorn Pizza? (Photo)

You may have been adventurous enough to try a unicorn frappuccino, but how about a unicorn pizza? 

Industry Kitchen, a New York City restaurant, is now serving up what they call the Pop Candy Land Pizza.

That’s right. Even the name is fun and magical.

This innovative pizza is baked with rainbow dough and covered in icing, and is then topped off with plenty of colorful sprinkles, Pop Rocks, and pink and blue cotton candy, according to Cosmopolitan.

This multicolored pizza sure is fun to look at, but would you actually give it a try? According to Cosmopolitan, it tastes more like a giant sugar cookie than a pizza. Sounds good to us!

This isn't the first eccentric pizza that Industry Kitchen has come up with. They're also known for offering a $2,000 pizza, called the 24K pizza, which is covered in 24-karat gold flakes, as well as caviar and truffles.

So, yeah, if you ever have $2,000 lying around and want to eat a golden pizza, now you know where to go. Careful with those gold flakes though. I heard they can get stuck in your teeth. Oh, well. Better that than spinach. 

Let’s veer back to the magically colorful and far more affordable world of unicorn food.

According to the New York Times, "'Unicorn food' is any food item jazzed up with dye or cute accessories like fruit cut into little shapes or mountains of pastel marshmallows.'" 

It's kind of like something a kindergartner would put together during arts-and-crafts time, but cooler and edible. 

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably seen these sugary, other-worldly treats all over your Instagram feed. And now, it appears that even the hallowed world of pizza has been touched by the unicorn trend. 

So, are you into it?