Would You Try Arby's Meaty, Fishy Sandwich?

We all know Arby's has "the meats," but how much meat do we really need on one sandwich? How much meat is too much meat?

I think when you're mixing a fried fish fillet with turkey and ham, you know you've gone too far. Those foods simply don't work together on the same bun. Many would disagree with me though, and those "many" are Arby's fans.

Uproxx reports that the meaty fast food restaurant has made an addition to its "Meat Mountain" sandwich, which consisted of chicken tenders, turkey, ham, roast beef, corned beef, brisket, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon. Basically, the whole kitchen is in that thing. Except, apparently it was missing fish. What's a Meat Mountain without fish, after all?

You can order the Meat Mountain at Arby's with the addition of Alaskan Pollock for the month of March 2017. Just ask for it "Denali Style"; it doesn't even cost extra! That's probably because the sandwich is already $10, but that's probably a bargain for the actual cost of all of that meat. I honestly feel sick just looking at it. With fast food chains working so hard in an effort to compete for more business, I have to wonder, are they headed in the wrong direction?

The trend right now is health food! What's up with the extra meat movement? Why is McDonald's releasing new sizes of Big Macs, and Taco Bell serving up a Chalupa with a fried chicken shell? The fast food industry isn't thriving right now, so rather than adding more meat into the sandwiches, they should probably be looking more at the latest trends and coming up with some yummy veggie burgers.

Business Insider reports that Taco Bell has pledged to cut artificial ingredients and use cage-free eggs. McDonald's has added more salads and nixed antibiotics … but that's probably not going to be enough. New fast food chains such as Salad and Go are popping up, and they're likely to start taking the industry by storm. Places like LYFE Kitchen are introducing health and fresh foods into the market.

If you're one of the meataholics who isn't into the health food trend, you might want to go grab that Meat Mountain sandwich while it lasts. The times are changing!