Would You Try Coca-Cola Coffee?

"Taste the feeling," says the tagline of Coca-Cola's new coffee-in-a-can. And feel is exactly what you'll do once you've guzzled a few of these deceptively small cans.

Each can is about 6.5 ounces (a regular-sized can is 12 ounces), but contains the same amount of caffeine of a regular size. Small can, big punch.

The drink goes by "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus," and can be found only in Japanese vending machines for $1.20.

Now let's talk about taste, because aside from being extremely effective in giving a head-buzzing caffeine rush, the taste is also important in enjoying the caffeine ride.

According to Cosmopolitan, Shin-Shouhin describes the soda-coffee hybrid, as "not very tasty." He later wrote on his site, "I do not think it's delicious, but it's not as bad as I thought."

Perhaps the "taste the feeling" was a clever marketing ploy to redirect dissatisfied taste buds. And well, it's not a bad idea, but its staying power might be shaky considering Coca-Cola's last attempt at a stacked coffee beverage.

"Coca-Cola Blak" was discontinued two years after its release in Europe and the U.S., which is not surprising. The promotional pitch did little to introduce the two flavors of cola and coffee: "Imagine the refreshing taste of an ice-cold Coca-Cola that finishes with a rich essence of coffee."

Imagine the flavors? I don't have that kind of imagination, and if I did coffee and Coke doesn't inherently sound like a thirst-quenching flavor. And the two ingredients can be a dangerous crossover, one that kicked Four Loko's off the market back in 2014.

To try a sip of Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is less tasting the feeling, so much as feeling the feeling. Said to have 50 percent more caffeine (34 milligrams of caffeine, to be exact), one can has about half the caffeine of an espresso. But, the can is about half the size of a regular Coca-Cola can. And with only a few calories per serving, it could be easy to overdo it.

For now, this hybrid remains in Japan's vending machines, but if you felt so inclined … it doesn't sound hard to taste the feeling yourself. All you need are just two basic ingredients.