Would You Try Domino's New Burger Pizza Mashup?

We've had the pizza box made out of pizza, the pizza rolled into a cone, and now, Domino’s has come up with the fast-food mashup of our dreams: a pizza-burger hybrid.

There’s only one problem: the BurgerPizza is only available at Domino’s India (for now).

"Looks like a Burger, tastes like a Pizza," reads the chain’s India Facebook page, announcing the new dish.

According to Business Insider, the Burger-Pizza is the size of your typical burger — making it a portable meal — but it sandwiches cheese and traditional pizza toppings between two pizza-crust buns.

Now, look: I know what you’re thinking. It looks alright, sure, but we’ve all been fooled before by the false promise of food-advertisements. However, if the Instagram posts of the meal are anything to go by, the actual dish pretty accurately resembles the BurgerPizza ad.

Check it out for yourself:

Oolala introducing the new dish in my favorites!!''' #dominos #pizzaburger #yummiest

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