Would You Try KFC's New Gravy Cocktails? (Photos)

It appears KFC is bidding to become something more than just a purveyor of finger-lickin' good chicken.

In the past, the fast-food chicken restaurant launched branded products from A to Z. Halloween costumes, a streetwear collection, a $5,000 Internet Escape Pod, pocket squares, pins, prints and wrapping paper! KFC Limited, the brand's gift collection, is quite impressive considering the business they're in.

But clothes, jewelry and home goods are mere child's play for Kentucky Fried Chicken. This time, the fried chicken chain is out to edge into the world of cocktails.

Created mostly for marketing and promotional purposes, KFC's cocktail menu features the chain's signature gravy as the key ingredient. If you ever find yourself with leftover KFC gravy (as is always the case) this is your justified reason to save that delicious, signature gravy from the chute, and chug it in the classiest way imaginable.

The Gravy Mary, below, is the beefier and spicier alternative to Bloody Marys, made with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, white pepper, salt, lemon juice and tomato juice. The similarities to the original Mary recipe are practically indistinguishable, save for the fried chicken garnish and globs of KFC gravy.

The Southern Twist is a delightful cocktail mixing savory and sweet. The sweet comes from the caramel flavors of an appropriately selected spirit, Kentucky Bourbon, which is served on the rocks rimmed with brown sugar and chopped parsley.

The last recipe, for Finger Lickin' Sour, is a little more difficult to grasp. Sour and savory flavors are an unpopular combination (rhubarb, anyone?), so it already tastes like we're off to a bad start. The recipe calls for mezcal, cherry liqueur, egg whites, lemon juice, orange marmalade and a thyme sprig garnish. In Italy, they'd probably call this a "palate cleanser," belonging to the family of aperitifs, drinks that are imbibed before a meal. Follow this aperitif with a big ol' bucket of fried chicken. It only makes sense.

Unfortunately, KFC won't be serving these finger-lickin' good cocktails in buckets any time soon. Sipping gravy cocktails is up to you -- that's your prerogative; if you so wish to dive into Sunday brunch with several helpings of Gravy Marys to go with your Hail Marys, you shan't be judged.