Would You Try Kylie Jenner's Instant Ramen Hack?

Kylie Jenner has shared with us how she prefers to eat her Ramen Noodles! Using Twitter, she urged fans to start doing the same, and we've learned all about the many different ways Ramen can be enjoyed.

According to Refinery29, thousands of recipes started pouring in. Kylie reported via Snapchat that she likes to add butter, garlic powder and egg to her own Ramen dish.

Many of the responders were actually surprised that Kylie would eat Ramen Noodles at all, reports Teen Vogue. But doesn't that make her all the more relatable? Who hasn't enjoyed their fair share of this quick meal?

Well, now, thanks to Kylie, there are all sorts of Ramen recipe ideas floating around online. For example, some responses incorporated chili spices, hot sauce, proteins such as chicken or shrimp, and even cheese. This last one got some major attention from Kylie, who now feels she must try it.

And now we must ask: What do you put in your Ramen Noodles?