Would You Try McDonald's Latest Meal Creation?

McDonald's in the Czech Republic is offering up some new menu items that could be delish, or could be a swing and a miss. That all depends on how much you like barbecue!

Brand Eating reports that the menu features bone-in ribs, among other potentially tasty barbecue sauce covered items. One order consists of three ribs (is that enough for anybody?) and comes with a side of dipping sauce. The other menu items are called Big Tasty Bacon and Big BBQ Bacon. It seems like there's a pork theme going on here, too.

The ribs are only available for a limited time, but we think the Czech Republic is lucky to have them at all! If they're anything like the McRib (just with the bones), we know they're probably crave-worthy. They are currently only available in the Czech Republic, so those of us in the U.S. with barbecue rib cravings will have to just wait each year for the McRib to keep coming back.

Barbecue and ribs usually mean summer and warm, sunny weather, so maybe if they do make their way to the U.S., it will be just in time for the proper season. It's likely that this won't happen, but we can hope for it …

If you're sad about the lack of bone-in ribs at McDonald's locations in the states, try and perk up with the extra-large or junior Big Macs currently available. Wash your burger down with a McCafe Chocolate Shamrock Shake for good measure. Then you won't feel as deprived. They're amazing separate and even better one right after the other for a yummy dinner/dessert combo!

When you're feeling especially cold (those winter days aren't quite over), you can always opt-in for a McCafe White Chocolate Mocha. See? There's still plenty to love at your local Mickey D's!