Would You Try S'mores English Muffins? (Photos)

One of my favorite things about many brands of breakfast food is that they make it possible for us to get away with eating dessert for breakfast. Think about it. Pancakes, French toast, Pop-Tarts and lots of different cereal brands do it. Now, it's Thomas' turn.

Thomas' English Muffins now come in a S'mores flavor that I can't wait to try. According to Popsugar, the limited edition flavor is in stores now, so you'd better go and find them ASAP. It was Instagram user Junkbanter who clued the internet in on the new English muffin flavor, saying that he grabbed three boxes thanks to the smell alone.

I bought 3 packages based on the smell alone...

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As you can see in the picture, the muffins have little specks of chocolate and marshmallow in them. I always said my one problem with English muffins was that they weren't sweet enough. This is perfect.

According to Delish, this S'mores flavor is coming just after the Maple French Toast and Bacon Buttermilk Pancake flavors from Thomas'. Is this real life?

Somehow, Thomas' brand is still magically able to make their muffins -- flavoring and all -- low fat and cholesterol free, according to its website. The muffins even still have a decent amount of protein in them (5-6 grams).  Thomas' is slowly becoming my new favorite breakfast food brand.

All flavors come in 6-pack sizes, so if you're feeling particularly desperate to make sure your supply lasts, you should probably grab all you can. I have a feeling, though, that you don't have to worry much if you miss these limited edition flavors. With the crazy food flavor trend that's happening right now, Thomas' is sure to come up with even more tantalizing flavors.

If English muffins aren't your thing, then just have a s'more for breakfast. I mean, are we really that far off, anyway? There are S'mores Pop Tarts, S'mores Krave Cereal and S'mores Toaster Strudels. Would it really be so bad just to make a couple of s'mores to start your day? I don't think so. Just remember that you won't get that nice nutrition label that comes on the Thomas' English Muffins package.