Would You Try Sushi-Flavored KIND Bars? (Photo)

KIND bars are an awesome snack bar that offer a healthy alternative to snacking on, say, chips or candy. They usually feature healthy ingredients such as almonds, oats and just a little bit of dark chocolate. They come in an array of flavors, and many of them are sweet, but what do you think of a sushi-inspired snack bar?

According to Delish, KIND is going there. The snack company is working on developing a few new flavors alongside celebrity chef Daphne Oz. The flavors sound pretty good … mostly. You have the Sangria flavor idea, the Pistachio Cardamom Fig (yum!), Sweet Pretzel Crunch and Sesame Seaweed Wasabi. Can you pick out the one that's not like the others?

Sushi-Flavored KIND Bars

This bar is apparently inspired by sushi. Sure, it's a major food favorite, but does that mean we should have a granola bar trying to resemble it? Count me out.

These flavors are part of a competition KIND is calling "Raise the Bar." It will be running from May 9 to May 31, and fans can vote on which of the four flavors should be made by KIND. Once the winning flavor is chosen, all who voted will get a free box of the limited time flavor sent to their homes. Sounds like a pretty good deal unless you're getting a free box of sushi-flavored granola bars.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery reports that the "Raise the Bar" campaign was kicked off with a public service announcement that was run through the Onion. It features Daphne Oz describing the "Restless Palate Syndrome" epidemic in which consumers are growing bored, or otherwise unsatisfied, with the lack of good flavored mashup options on the market. Just think about it … we're getting sushi burritos and Unicorn Frappuccinos. What gives?

This flavor-choosing contest is the first one KIND has done to empower its fans to choose flavors nationwide. Personally, I have a feeling the Sangria flavor is going to out-win the rest, simply because it's the tastiest sounding innovative flavor. As much as I love the idea of having a Pistachio Cardamom Fig flavor, or a Sweet Pretzel Crunch, those aren't too different from what's already out there.

As for the sushi flavor? Just no.