Would You Try These Burger And Milkshake 'Freakshakes'? (Photos)

By now, you've probably tried those so-called "freakshakes." You know, those giant, billion-calorie milkshakes blended with all kinds of wild stuff and topped with a sky-high pile of cookies, cakes, cotton candy and other desserts.

The Australian-invented delights usually look something like this:

And if you're feeling reeeally wild, you might even wash one of these guys down with a burger, since milkshake + burger is just one of those classic combos you can usually find at these freakshake spots.

But there has been a disturbing trend going on, and it has thickened the plot -- and the milkshakes -- in a way that some might call disturbing.

You see, some people have started sticking their straws through small fast food burgers and other sandwiches -- mostly from McDonald's -- and sipping their drinks through what has essentially turned into a burger straw. I hope you forgot about that.

And it's only natural that some people out there took this trend to frightening new levels, of course. Heliot Steak House, located in London's Hippodrome Casino, has started serving frighteningly stacked milkshakes topped with giant meat and veggie sliders, according to Metro.

A vanilla milkshake topped with a prime ribeye burger that has bacon, lettuce, tomato and truffle sauce inside. 

A passion fruit milkshake topped with a saucy lobster tail and avocado sandwich. A blood orange milkshake topped with a pork belly, bacon, BBQ sauce and Guindilla pepper slider. 

A strawberry milkshake topped with a roasted mushroom, pepper and eggplant sandwich.

No, these aren't wacky anxiety dreams. These are real drinks you can order from Heliot that truly put the "freak" in "freakshake," and you can get them for a limited time, between August 24 and 27. Pay around $30 and get all four of them, served in courses ... or maybe just head to any slider and shake place and DIY it. 

Burger freakshakes are now a thing because why not?

You might get some funny looks, though.