Ghostbusters-Themed Burgers

Would YOU Try These Ghoulish, Ghostbusters-Themed Burgers?

The Ghostbusters movie reboot is hitting theaters next month, and one Japanese fast-food chain has launched a limited-time specialty menu in honor of its release.

With such Ghostbusters-themed creations as the “G.B. Burger” (a black-bunned sandwich which boasts a ghoulish topping of black-olive-and-anchovy-paste, according to FashionSnap), we wonder if Bill Murray would dub JS Burgers Cafe's new offerings the honor of being called a “swell” idea?

G.B. Burger

Take a closer look at the three additional spooky menu items below:

The Marshmallow Mad Burger

This syrup-laden dessert burger trades in meat for a hearty serving of roasted marshmallows instead; next, it’s liberally topped with Oreos and what appears to be some kind of gelatinous red sauce. It’s a treat truly inspired by the O.G. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Black Chili Chips

In my humble opinion, these look like nothing more than your standard side order of chips (albeit ones that have been subjected to a black food-dye bath).

Slimer Smoothie

Likely a stand-in for Ghostbusters-themed ectoplasm, this green smoothie appears to include Kiwi chunks, some kind of blended green base, and a smattering of burger-shaped snacks and additional candies as a garnish.