Would You Try This Bakery's Sushi Croissants?

The Cali Croissant is not what you'd think. There is now a sushi-croissant hybrid and it is not going over well with the locals.

Metro UK reports that the LA bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, has named this new brunch (?) item the "Cali Croissant" and it combines sushi with the French croissant. If that combination sounds a little weird to you, you're not alone. People are taking to social media to express their dismay at what some would call a food abomination. Others are feeling inspired by the idea.

The Cali Croissant consists of seaweed, smoked salmon, ginger and wasabi all rolled up inside of a croissant, and it comes with soy sauce for dipping. I bet you never thought you'd get a side of soy sauce with your morning croissant.

Ry Stephen is a chef and partner of the Bakehouse, and he's the mastermind behind the new menu item. He told The Bold Italic: “The idea for the Cali Croissy came from simply browsing the aisles at the grocery store one day. I believe that inspiration can be found anywhere in our daily lives if we are open to it. I looked at the nori, then the pickled ginger, and thought they could be used some way. A moment later I had the idea for the Cali Croissy.”

He says he chose the smoked salmon because it's his favorite California roll filling. Although he says it adds a nice layer of flavor, Stephen says he does expect to play around with different flavor ideas in the future.

Stephen even had to change his croissant recipe in order to make this croissant work. He says it was this recipe that shaped the plain croissant at the Bakehouse.

I'm sure this won't be the last sushi croissant, although it's almost definitely the first (I've never heard of one before, at least), but it sounds like a new variety of ideas as far as croissant dough recipes might be coming soon as well. Maybe eventually there will be a whole croissant-sushi box. Would you try it?