Would You Visit A Mayonnaise Cafe? Because It's Real

Kewpie is a Japanese brand of mayonnaise that mayo fanatics apparently go nuts over. Not much of a mayo fan myself, so I wasn't aware of this apparent obsession, but Kewpie fans will really love what's happening in Japan.

Metro news reports that in Japan, mayonnaise-based cafes are becoming a fad. There are already two pop-up Kewpie mayo-themed cafes there -- one in Tokyo and one in Nagoya. Imagine it! There's even going to be an Easter Mayo Tree … whatever that means.

Menu items are expected to include omelets, sandwiches, chicken and even desserts. Mayo-infused desserts? No thank you. As surprising as it may sound to some of us, mayo actually gets this kind of hype from a loyal fan base. Kewpie has been ahead of the mayo market for about 92 years now, and according to Foodbeast, it's even enjoyed by chefs from around the world. Who knew?

It's said that the biggest reason chefs choose Kewpie is because, unlike other mayo brands, this mayo is made with just the egg yolks, rather than the entire egg. It's also infused with a bit of MSG to give it an umami flavor. I had no idea mayo could be such a complex condiment -- or that chefs liked it so much.

You might think it sounds a bit sketch that MSG is added, but it turns out that MSG is a natural compound that forms on its own in different food products and is safe for consumption in small amounts. The weird part is that it gives the mayo an "addictive" flavor. What?

This all sounds very strange to me, but I'm sure it sparks the curiosity of many others. So if you're interested in visiting one of the Kewpie pop-up cafes, you might like to know that the one in Tokyo is open for all of March 2017, and the one in Nagoya is open for all of April.

Menus will likely be similar, if not the same, and pricing will range from $3.50 for mayo pudding, to $14 for mayo-marinated chicken. Have fun learning all about that. I'll stay out of this one.