Yay! McDonald's Is Bringing Back A McFlurry Favorite!

With summer approaching and the days getting warmer, what better quick treat is there than a McDonald's McFlurry? And what better way to celebrate summer than by bringing back a much-loved McFlurry flavor?

Good news for all the McFlurry-lovers out there: After a long absence, the Rolo McFlurry is back for the summer. 

The Golden Arches is finally bringing back the Rolo McFlurry, which hasn't been available since 2012. 

From May 24 to September 11, you can get your McFlurry swirled with the chewy, caramel-filled chocolate candies. 

And now you can enjoy that delicious Rolo McFlurry with a little less guilt, and a lot more gusto.

In 2016, McDonald's began its transition to soft serve without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, according to a company press release. This healthy change also applies to McDonald's soft-serve cones and milkshakes. 

The process of switching to preservative-free desserts is complete at nearly every McDonald’s across the U.S., according to Cosmopolitan.

For some reason, I’ve always thought a McFlurry was one of the “healthier” options to order at McDonald’s. For one thing, it’s free of strangely processed meat and is not fried in vats of oil (I think?).

With the preservative-free initiative, now it’s even healthier. Alas, everything is relative.

In the past, McDonald's has also served other fun McFlurry flavors for a limited time only, including Twix, Butterfinger and Snickers. 

Why these special-edition flavors don't remain permanent fixtures on the menu is a mystery to me. Then again, if they were permanent menu items, they would no longer be "special." 

Of course, the classic M&M's and Oreo flavors are always a hit. 

Twitter users have responded positively to the return of the Rolo McFlurry, according to Delish. For some, the oldie-but-goodie brings back fond memories of childhood. 

The Rolo McFlurry combines caramel, chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream to create a simple but delicious treat. 

And now that McDonald’s has partnered with UberEATS to provide McDelivery, customers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, and Phoenix can have their McFlurrys delivered to them.

Handy for those days where the heat is too oppressive to step outside.  

Are you lovin' it?