Yes You Guys, Mermaid Toast Is A Real Thing (Photos)

Adeline Waugh is a food stylist and photographer based out of Miami, and she's known for adding color and beauty to food, which makes it oh-so-Instagrammable. She's also known for starting the "Unicorn" food craze. Remember the pastel-colored "Unicorn Toast" ... followed by the "Unicorn Ramen" and "Unicorn Coffee"? Well, she's at it again, this time creating "Mermaid Toast."

According to Metro, the Mermaid Toast is made up of cream cheese, all natural dyes and gold leaf (the latter is said to have no taste, FYI). The blue-green algae powders and liquids are mixed with almond milk cream cheese, and the colors are spectacular. Apparently, the algae itself has a lot of magnesium and iron, so if you're a little grossed out by its presence, just remember it's good for you!

Waugh's Instagram is already showing us what the new Mermaid Toast and its ingredients look like, and I have to admit, it's almost too pretty to eat.

New toast creation in the works... ??

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Waugh makes all kinds of colorful spreads for toast, and creates amazing food photography for other types of dishes as well. You can find them on her Instagram page, vibrantandpure. It's pretty impressive. According to Cosmopolitan, she makes her spreads by using natural pigments from ingredients like beet juice, turmeric root and blueberry powder. You might think that would make your brunch toast taste like beets and turmeric … mixed with blueberries (yum?), but Waugh actually said that although it looks pretty, "it just tastes like a piece of toast with cream cheese." That's probably for the best.

The toast functions as Waugh's canvas, as she likes to put it, and the spreads and foods she uses are her paint. Take a look at a few of her creations:

Watercolor Toast

Avocado Toast

Back to basic(s) #avocadotoast

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Honey-Drizzled Toast

You can't deny her talent, that's for sure. If the food tastes like regular brunch, that's a plus for me. The Unicorn Toast may have been Waugh's most popular creation so far, but I bet we're all waiting to see how far this Mermaid Toast goes. Even better, I think we're definitely looking forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve next.