Yoplait Launches A Line Of Girl Scout Cookie Yogurt (Photo)

Girl Scout Cookies are a hot commodity. Available to purchase only during your local council's cookie season (six to eight weeks between January and April each year), Samoas and Do-si-dos are usually hoarded in stacks and only rarely shared between friends and acquaintances.

But Girl Scout cookie flavors do not have to be fleeting and certainly not seasonal; coffee creamer, tea and ice cream, at one point, featured a Thin Mint spinoff. You can get Girl Scout-flavored candles too, but like the demand, these products are for a limited time.

But now General Mills is stepping in with a trio of Yoplait yogurt flavors inspired by popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors. And the best part: The new line is a permanent addition to the dairy aisle, so there will be little need to hold out until January for green-vested scouts to come knocking on your door for bulk orders. That's right, Scout's honor.

Yoplait Whips!, a fluffy mousse-styled yogurt features Girl Scouts Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors (a nod to Tagalongs) in 4- and 6-ounce cups. Caramel Coconut Flavor (a riff on Samoas) comes in Yoplait's Original smooth and creamy style.

The new flavor additions are gluten-free, contain healthy live and active cultures, and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, similar to Yoplait's other recently introduced French-style yogurt line, Oui, which is made from non-GMO ingredients like whole milk, real fruit and yogurt cultures.

Yoplait's newest yogurt flavors mark the second General Mills product inspired by Girl Scout cookies. In January 2016, the company launched Girl Scout-inspired cereal varieties in Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch flavors.

According to Food Business News, General Mills struggled with a 20 percent dip in sales over the past year. Yoplait faces competitors such as Chobani and Noosa for an extra edge. YoCrunch offered M&M's mix-ins for some of its yogurts. Chobani offers over a dozen flavors of traditional Greek yogurt. However, rolling out Yoplait's Oui in June and Yoplait Mix-Ins in July helped the company get back on track.

Yoplait's Girl Scout Cookie Yogurt line is available at retailers nationwide and will appear on shelves beginning December 2017.