You Can Add This Topping To Any McDonald's Sandwich (Photos)

When it comes to fast-food menu items, the number of choices is rarely an issue. In fact, the most difficult decision is choosing just one. Perhaps it's the saturation of choices that is limiting our ability to see outside the box or, in this case, outside the bun.

McDonald's breakfast menu includes 12 different kinds of breakfast sandwiches made with four different choices of eggs: round, folded, scrambled, and scrambled egg whites.

And since the golden arches offers a breakfast-all-day menu, a customer can ostensibly have their eggs for every meal (including brunch) in four different ways. But a recent "menu hack" discovered by Foodbeast reveals that the number is much, much higher.

You can add an egg to any sandwich order at McDonald's, including a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and a McChicken for a cross-mealtime hybrid.

For interested parties, a "round egg" is the closest to a real egg, while the others are made with powdered eggs.

This revelation opens the door to a ton of unique burger and egg sandwich combinations, like a "McEgg Mac" or an "Egg McChicken." However, egg add-ons are not a new hack. In fact, HackTheMenu discovered this back in January 2017, explaining that not only can you add an egg to any burger, but you can request any of the four types of eggs to create a completely customized sandwich.

Currently, you can add eggs to any McDonald's burger sandwich for $1.80, about a $0.61 increase from 2017, according to HackTheMenu.

Now that you're informed, it's time to try the hundreds of ways to eat your eggs on a bun!