You Can Get Applebee's Spooky Sips At A Price That's Anything But Scary

You Can Get Applebee's Spooky Sips At A Price That's Anything But Scary

What’s better than a Halloween cocktail? A Halloween cocktail that’s enormous and only costs $5. Applebee’s Mucho Cocktails now come in two Spooky Sips varieties, for some Halloween fun that definitely won’t break the bank. The first cocktail, appropriately dubbed The Tipsy Zombie, has the bright greens and blues you’d expect from an incoming zombie horde and combines Bacardi Rum and Midori with a mix of pineapple, cherry, and lime. The cocktail definitely tastes better than brains, but does come with a gummy brain on top for even more of a spooky twist.

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The second cocktail is one that even a vampire would love. Dracula’s Juice is delightfully frightening in appearance, but the drink sounds like the opposite of scary. The drink is a combination of Patron Tequila, Bacardi, wildberry, and margarita mix, and is described as part daiquiri, part margarita. Overall? A frozen treat that’s sure to get the blood pumping.

Applebee’s Spooky Sips drinks are available now for a limited time, so if you want to channel your inner zombie or vampire in time for Halloween they’re definitely worth checking out soon. And if you’d rather enjoy your cocktails from home, you can order online at Applebee’s website or through the Applebees app!

Fans are already stoked for the spooky cocktails!