You Can Get Free Burgers For Life if You Do This One, Little Thing

Want free burgers for life? Of course you do. We are delighted to announce that this is a dream you can realistically achieve. One restaurant is offering a burger a day for the rest of your life -- there's just one little thing you have to do.

Australian burger chain Mr. Burger announced that they will gladly give you seven burgers a week for your entire life if you do something for them. Imagine one of these every single day:


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Looks tasty, doesn't it? They can be yours every day until you die if you just do one favor for them -- you have to legally change your last name to Burger. The company will even pay your application fee if you are courageous enough to go through with it. You have to be over 18, though.

"It's 200 percent legit," Mr. Burger marketing manager Maleik Edwards told Mashable Australia. "Too legit."

You'll need to complete the name change by July 31. Just email the confirmation over to the burger chain; the first 10 people to do so will be rewarded handsomely with the deal until such time as they die, they change their name back, or Mr. Burger goes out of business (we imagine).

Why on earth would an upscale fast food joint be doing this? Edwards said the company decided to do it because people need a change of pace from all the depressing, serious news stories that have been circulating recently.

"The media, the world, has been gripped with boring stuff such as Brexit and the election," explained Edwards. "We as a company think people take life too seriously, and this is just a way to have some fun ... It'll also be fun to get a sports team of Burgers out there."

It looks like nobody has taken the plunge so far, but we're waiting eagerly to see if anyone does this. Maybe we'll be the first.

BRB, moving to Australia.