You Can Now Book A Truffle Hunting Trip On Airbnb

Airbnb, which is otherwise known for providing travelers with cheaper boarding options when compared to hotels, is now offering a new program called Airbnb Experiences.

According to Airbnb, this program is exactly what it sounds like: it offers fun and exciting experiences for travelers as well. This way, on top of new boarding options, you can opt-in for fun activities like samurai training and burlesque dancing lessons. The more interesting activities are, of course, those which are food related.

For example, imagine how interesting and fun a truffle hunting adventure could be! Eater reports that this event is located for travelers in Florence, and the agenda is centered on learning the basics about different types of truffles and their characteristics and learning about cooking with them. Host Giulio leads attendees through the forest with his truffle hunting dog, Eda.

There are 10 spots available in this two-day adventure, and what better way is there to appreciate the beautiful Tuscan landscape? When you go to visit places like Italy, you usually spend all of your time in the tourist traps, getting a glimpse into history. But, what about getting a feel for the actual countryside?

Most Airbnb trips cost about $200 once you’ve made it to the designated area, and the truffle hunting experience is no different, setting you back about $177. But what’s included makes it all worth it. You’ll start having wine and tasting truffles with an award-winning sommelier, who will help you with your pairings. This is where you’ll get to know each other a little better before heading into the woods on day two!

Then, on day two, you’ll get to appreciate some great scenery while learning all about finding truffles. Afterward, you’ll head back to Giulio’s house to learn all about your new harvest, and go over ways to cook it. If you’ve been curious about truffles, I can’t think of a better time or place to learn all about them.

Maybe you won’t be in Florence anytime soon, but you do like to use Airbnb. Keep an eye out for new Airbnb Experiences and see what kind of food fun is happening near you!