You Can Now Buy Chocolatey and Fruity Soylent Flavors

Well folks, Soylent is back and apparently tastier than ever, and in honor of the new year, it has launched two new luxuriant flavors that actually don't sound half bad!

Soylent is known as basically the complete meal that you can slurp up. It contains a blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients, which means that for people on the go -- or for people who just prefer to drink their meals rather than chew and digest them -- Soylent has been the go-to product that provides the body with the nutrients it requires to operate and even thrive.

Now, Soylent comes not only in the "Original" flavor, but in Cacao and Nectar flavors as well.

Each Soylent Drink provides the body with 20% of its daily nutritional requirements, and packs in 400 calories.

You can now purchase the new flavors at in the U.S. and Canada, while Amazon sales in the U.S. will begin on Jan. 10, 2017. Each case of 12 Soylent bottles costs $37.05 for Soylent subscribers, and $39 for one-time orders.

"These additions to the Soylent Drink line demonstrate the Company’s commitment to ongoing innovation. Following the successful debut of Coffiest, the Soylent product team has followed up their work with a series of new flavors. Cacao’s essence of velvety chocolate and Nectar’s custom-made fruity taste developed in the Soylent test kitchen are the perfect complements to Original and Coffiest," reads the press release on the new flavors.

Each bottle of Soylent also has transparent labeling, so people following specific diets such as vegan diets, gluten-free diets, lactose-free diets and more can check the labels and know exactly which bottle to purchase to fulfill their specific dietary needs and preferences.

Are you going to try the new Soylent flavors?