You Can Now Custom-Design Your Avocados -- But You Probably Shouldn't

If this doesn't prove America's obsession with avocados has reached an unsettling degree, then nothing will.

We already told you all about how avocado mania in America is causing deforestation in Mexico.

Now, we’re forced to provide just one example of why our love for the creamy, green fruit has gone too far.

Have you heard of Custom Avocados? Based in San Francisco, California, the company exists to create graphics on the peels of fresh avocados. Why? So that instead of sending out letters or invitations on custom stationary like, oh, everybody else on the planet, customers can choose to hand out their words via avocado peel.


If you find the entire deal absurd, rest assured: you’re not alone. There’s actually a link on the company’s official site that reads: “Is this real?”

But it is. The company website states:

For promotional giveaways, business cards, wedding invitations, and more, avocados are a great alternative to other forms of swag and merchandise.

How is it done? The graphics are applied externally to the avocado, so it won't affect its taste. These are real, edible avocados, just a bit more awesome. We can deliver them, ship them, or you can pick them up from our studio in San Francisco. 

We have no [minimum order quantity] and a fast turnaround time. Custom color options are also available.

For $5, customers can purchase one personalized avocado; for $30, you get eight; for $120 you’ll receive a business card pack of 40 and for $1,000, you get a promotional package of 500 fresh avocados to pass out.