You Can Now Get Froyo Delivered By Drone

Ah, the good old days of college, when it was socially acceptable to stay in bed all day and eat either ramen noodles or take-out for every meal.

And now, college kids are getting an even sweeter deal, because one genius company has made it possible to order froyo… via drone delivery service.

Oct. 4 marked the first day that Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt made a successful frozen yogurt delivery to a student attending Hope College in Michigan.

Per USA Today, it is possible that the momentous occasion actually marks the first drone-delivered frozen yogurt in the world.

Say what?

The drone is able to travel up to 30 miles-per-hour and can carry a cargo load of up to 30 pounds. Personally, we’re hoping the student in question didn’t actually order 30 pounds of frozen yogurt, but we’re not about to shame them if they did. This is legendary stuff, people.

Per USA Today, the drone took 15 minutes to travel nearly a mile to campus; however, when the delivery was successful, the company went and threw a dang party in celebration.

"More orders and more tests will bring further opportunities to deliver and expand this to other markets in the area and beyond," Emily Port, senior director of communications for Orange Leaf, told USA Today.

At the moment, interested and hungry students and faculty members at Hope College are able to schedule drone delivery from the Orange Leaf Holland store, although the cost of each drone delivery is negotiable when the order is being placed.