You Can Now Order Pizza Hut With Your Sneakers (Video)

Springtime is fast approaching in the U.S., which for many people means both spring cleaning as well as spring wardrobe shopping. Soon, the time for winter coats will be behind us all, and more weather-appropriate clothing is in order!

Apparently, no food chain knows this better than Pizza Hut, because not only is it hoping to infiltrate your wardrobe, its hoping that its brand new high-top sneakers will also help you order a meal to welcome in the spring (video below).

That's right, Pizza Hut has come up with perhaps its zaniest marketing gig yet: pairs of high-tops  that are called Pie Tops, of course, that allow consumers and wearers to order their favorite variety of Pizza Hut pizza by pushing a button on the shoes.

For fans who cannot afford the shoes, the pizza chain is also offering up a massive discount offer.

David Daniels, Pizza Hut's VP of advertising and media, told AdAge of the shoes (designed by the Los Angeles-based Dominic Chambrone, aka "The Shoe Surgeon,") that:

"The bulk of these will go to influencers (and) media, just to create buzz and talk value and we've reserved some for the opportunity for a select few Pizza Hut super fans to receive a pair of these custom Pie Top high-top tennis shoes."

The deals don't end with the shoes though: from March and into April 2017, customers can order a large, two-topping pizza online for $7.99; usually the same order would run pizza lovers $12.99.

How generous!

Check out the ad for the ridiculous Pie Tops below: