You Can't Buy This Rare Drink Without Passing This Test

Everybody has that one pretentious friend who is impossible to shop for during the holiday season.

If your particular snobby friend is also a fan of coffee, however, worry not -- we have the perfect solution for you. An Australian cold-press coffee liqueur called Mr Black has decided to put coffee connoisseurs to the test, and force customers to prove that they are coffee savvy before allowing them the privilege of actually purchasing their special edition "Panama Geisha" coffee.

Per Metro, the company is selling bottles of its exclusive $143.72 coffee liqueur only to those who can pass an elitist coffee test that proves their knowledge.

Essentially, we're suggesting that rather than shell out any cash on a present that your friend is just going to turn their nose up at anyway, why not send them this ultra-bougie paper, which industry experts allegedly crafted to test how much the worthy chosen ones know about coffee.

The paper features eight multiple-choice and essay questions, ranging from taste tests, to proper brewing procedure, to specific coffee bean's origins.

The exam can be found here, or if you have a copy of Caffeine magazine, it's on page 18.

There are only six bottles of this special liqueur in the world, and it's made from the world's most rare and expensive Panama Geisha coffee. So, if your friend manages to pass the test and wins the coffee, they're sure to have bragging rights as well as a pricey and uncommon gift, all courtesy of you.

"It really is a once-in-a-lifetime product, using the prized Camilina Geisha from Auromar Estate," said Scott Bentley, founder of Caffeine magazine.

"It was this year awarded the Best Natural Panama Geisha in the world.

"With only six bottles remaining in the world, we have been working closely with the team at Mr Black to design and define a set of questions that will help us to find a like-minded coffee fanatic and give them the chance to share this exquisite liquid with."

So what do you think? Do you have a friend who would appreciate the luxurious liqueur, or might you want to try and snag a bottle for yourself?